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Income tax return declaration

In the Netherlands, it is mandatory to complete a yearly tax return declaration. Perhaps not your biggest hobby, however, it is pretty important. Because, partially due to our tax system, everything is pretty well organized here, and we can live quite a good life (if we do say so ourselves).

Good for you to know

The fiscal year runs from January 1 to December 31. Have you done your declaration before April 1? Then you should receive a response before July 1. The deadline for submitting your income declaration is in most cases May 1.

Most of the time the response is a ‘definitive assessment’. Therein lie your definitive results and amounts that you have to pay or receive. However, you can also receive a ‘provisional assessment’. Herein lies your expected results. At a later stage, this provisional assessment will be followed by a definitive assessment.

In the Netherlands, you have to pay an annual tax based on your income from work. In some cases, it can also be done annually on your assets. There are various schemes where you can make claims to reduce this tax burden. For example, do you own a home with a mortgage? Then you have a lot of rights on compensation. Do you have a fiscal partner? Then you can optimize your declaration and possibly save money.

What do we do
  • Meet you.
  • Get to know your situation.
  • Explain how the tax system works.
  • Provide insight into the most (up-to-date) possible regulations.
  • In the event your tax return is not submitted before the May 1, we will help you with a postponement and prevent possible fines.
  • You will receive a list of documents that we need from you. Have we received them? Then we will make an analysis and we can take care of your declaration from A to Z.
Peter Geurts
Financial Advisor