Mortgages & Tax services for private individuals 

Prices mortgages
Advice and mediation during purchase (first house) €2.950
Advice and mediation during purchase (second house) €3.450
Advice and mediation during switching €2.950
Advice and mediation during extension / increase €2.250
Advice and mediation for entrepreneurs aforementioned + €750*
Advice for mortgage higher than € 1,000,000 aforementioned + €750
Advice and mediation when income is not in euros aforementioned + €750
Buy-to-let mortgage upon request, minimum €3.500
Mediation with private mortgages (bridging) upon request, minimum €3.500
Extra cost

Costs of appraiser, civil-law notary, service provider, and so on will be at the buyer’s expense. These will be charged on.

*Please note that an increasing number of lenders oblige the use of an accredited third party income assessor. These costs come in addition of our fee.

Prices Tax Services
Income tax return (single) €365
Increment for tax return of a partner €80
Provisional tax refund €150
Adjust or cancel provisional tax refund €75
Request for childcare allowance €145
Request for child benefit (kinderbijslag) €145
Request for healthcare allowance €145
File extension for submitting tax return €20

The prices for our tax services are ex 21% VAT.

Success fee

NB: our fee is a success fee! If no transaction takes place, our invoice will be cancelled.
Peter Geurts
Financial Advisor