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Gain clarity,
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About us

We founded Klår in 2018 because we believe that buying a house, as well as arranging the financing, should actually be fun. It’s exciting enough as it is, and nobody likes the hassle and paperwork that comes with it. We know! That’s why we like to do things a little bit differently.

We have lots of experience and expertise in mortgages, alternative forms of financing and investments. We are convinced that’s why we can make a difference for you as a buyer. And because we’ll support you every step of the way. We’ve been through this process so many times before, to us it’s like ehhh… our day job.
Jochem about Peter

Peter has an unprecedented spirit! In his private life this shows by the way he is always making the most of family time but also by the way he cycles, runs or surfs … With our business he shows the same tireless dedication and enthusiasm. He takes his job very seriously, himself (fortunately) not too much. Not a day goes by without a good laugh. And he is such an lovable optimist. If there’s a crack through which the light shines in, he’s always the first to spot it.
Peter about Jochem

I have always said to him: we should start a company together! We are a perfect match. Jochem is THE man figure out and arrange solutions with the banks (and other financials). If he can’t get it done, no one can. He is true to himself and the people he cares for. I am proud to call him my partner. And he’s also extremely funny…
Peter and Jochem about Tom

Tom is a perfect addition to the team, he just completed his study, Business Studies at The Erasmus University in Rotterdam. We met him while he was working at his parents deli, and were struck by his customer service. He makes a killer egg salad, and he claims to have soccer knowledge… We prefer the egg salad. But the main thing is: with this guy on board we’re even better equipped to help you get that dream house!
Peter and Jochem about Liam

We got acquainted with Liam through Linkedin. He stood out. A Dutchman, raised in Australia. he has several years of work experience in (Australian) healthcare, and is now a student of International Business Administration at the VU University in Amsterdam. A unique combination of care and finance you don’t see very often, and that’s exactly why we are happy to have him on our team. Liam is just like you; an explorer who has left home in pursuit of adventure. He literally and figuratively speaks the same language as you. With Liam on board, we are even better enabled to offer you the experience of a relaxed mortgage process.
Peter and Jochem about Wayne

The BBQ guru and expat from South Africa. Wayne has fully established himself in our beautiful province of Friesland. That alone is a remarkable achievement. Wayne also has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is truly a specialist. With Wayne on board, we are equipped to make any ‘complex matter’ simple.
Peter and Jochem about Carlijn

Rain outside, the days are short… a gloomy autumn day. And then suddenly we found ourself on Carlijn’s website. The sun breaks through the clouds. ‘Making complex matter simple’, that sounds like Klår. ‘Personal’, ‘humble’ and ‘down to earth’? Could this be real?
We pick up the phone and call her right away. She had us at ‘Hello’. She talked about her experience as a (senior) Tax Consultant at PWC and USG Legal: an eye for detail and a go-getter. And she has lots of experience with expats. In Dutch we’d say ‘This is as clear (Klår) as sugar candy!’. Carlijn is on board! As of today, we can help you even better. Because now we are even better at tax advice, to make your life a bit easier!